Funny facts about Michael Jackson, we love it!

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I would like to share some funny facts about Michael Jackson. We all love him very much and therefore we like to know more about the King of Pop!

1.He used to make day-schedules with baby sister Janet Jackson, the schedule for instance had the following content: 1. Going on the rolling coaster, go to the movies and eat popcorn etc.

2.Michael loved the safety instructions an airline stewardess gives in an airlplane, he actually would have used this at his THIS IS IT concert…

3.Michael Jackson loved art, he liked artists like Michelangelo. An TRUE artist is always inspired by another artist. (Fred Astaire quote)

4.He made fun of  his sister La Toya, who didn’t let anybody sit on her bed. He used to say to her :” You must sit on it one time”

5 MJ’s laugh was very loud, once he begun laughing he could not stop!

6 Michael Jackson believes in God, he always prayed before shows and used the name of God in his “thank you ” speeches at award winning shows.

7.He loved the Three Stooges

8.MJ loves mexican food, later in his life he loved KFC ‘s fried chicken.

9. He loved ladies who were stylish, like lady Diana

10.MJ loved water balloon fights

11.He adores his mother Katherine, to Michael she is perfection..

12. Michael Jackson is very spiritual, in everything he sees God, if it is music, the sky , he sees God and beauty in everything en considers himself a human being gifted by God…MJ is very humble and thankfull for his talent, this unique gift from God…

13. Michael Jackson was very shy, once on stage he changed in a completely different person, off stage people did’n’t recognize him anymore because of his shyness.
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64 thoughts on “Funny facts about Michael Jackson, we love it!

  1. Mitchell j

    michael was such an inspiration. he was such a unique guy. i totally adore him. so sad he’s gone. at times i find it hard to believe he is no more. in the entertainment industry THERE IS MICHAEL JACKSON and there is everybody else. RIP mikey. i’ll always love you

  2. hannah linton

    god bless michael joseph jackson and his kids,paris,prince, and blanket. love lives forever!

  3. Siju Das MJ

    I miss u MJJ forever. I love u. I like ur dance,songs,music,helping others poor people. U still alive in my heart. In the world ur different man. I like it all ur songs & ur performance.

  4. jbarton

    We will always love u MJJ you inspired us all with your music. A fallen legend. Only the good die young unfortunately. Miss you dearly. there will never be a talent like you again

  5. gloria s.

    he needs to comeback and continue the dream what he and we want to be People need spontaneous reminding tht only he can carry on through the faith of his believers tht continuosly believing and only power and force of love could bring justice to what we want the world to be , on his absent who would do this he has the power ,passion and strong influence to people who shld participate with his mission an order from ABove, Not necessarily as An MJ

  6. virat kamal

    me too love mj very much and he was a inspiritional guy and i also want to become popular like mj

  7. juanita mj

    I love u mike i love ur voice ur an inspiration
    i am the loudest girl in class if I start laughing I dont stop Life is to laugh your loving fan loves you

  8. Geetank tamta

    You will always stay in our hearts….you are an inspiration for me and so many people….love u a lot MJ.

  9. moonwalker

    I just luv u so much u will never die Mike ur always in my heart God bless ur good soul love u baby

  10. moonwalker

    love u michael u will never die u’ll always live in our hearts May the GOOD LORD bless ur GOOD SOUL lots of love

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