Funny facts about Michael Jackson, we love it!

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I would like to share some funny facts about Michael Jackson. We all love him very much and therefore we like to know more about the King of Pop!

1.He used to make day-schedules with baby sister Janet Jackson, the schedule for instance had the following content: 1. Going on the rolling coaster, go to the movies and eat popcorn etc.

2.Michael loved the safety instructions an airline stewardess gives in an airlplane, he actually would have used this at his THIS IS IT concert…

3.Michael Jackson loved art, he liked artists like Michelangelo. An TRUE artist is always inspired by another artist. (Fred Astaire quote)

4.He made fun ofย  his sister La Toya, who didn’t let anybody sit on her bed. He used to say to her :” You must sit on it one time”

5 MJ’s laugh was very loud, once he begun laughing he could not stop!

6 Michael Jackson believes in God, he always prayed before shows and used the name of God in his “thank you ” speeches at award winning shows.

7.He loved the Three Stooges

8.MJ loves mexican food, later in his life he loved KFC ‘s fried chicken.

9. He loved ladies who were stylish, like lady Diana

10.MJ loved water balloon fights

11.He adores his mother Katherine, to Michael she is perfection..

12. Michael Jackson is very spiritual, in everything he sees God, if it is music, the sky , he sees God and beauty in everything en considers himself a human being gifted by God…MJ is very humble and thankfull for his talent, this unique gift from God…

13. Michael Jackson was very shy, once on stage he changed in a completely different person, off stage people did’n’t recognize him anymore because of his shyness.
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64 thoughts on “Funny facts about Michael Jackson, we love it!

  1. lucy

    i luv this site..i think its wonderful..i think it would be even better if there were more facts..i didnt want it to end when i was reading it ๐Ÿ˜€ also i would like to share something with u guys…i feel that michael may still be alive, look on u tube and type in “michael jackson is alive” and u will find soooo much evidence.. another site that i recomend is “michael jackson sightings” and also “michael jackson hoax investigatores” these will show u what i mean…im not trying to force anyone to believe it im just stating my opinion so please do not shout at me and say im crazy ๐Ÿ™‚ i also recomend a good chat get there u need to type into google “michael jackson fan chat” and u will find one that says underneth “NOTE: michael jackson is alive” i myself go on there and it is in need of a bit more is a wonderful site and u meet loads of new friends ๐Ÿ™‚ thank u again for this site ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mjforever

    We love you and miss you MJ!!!!!!! You truly are the best entertainer!!!! You are such a blessing Michael=] I will defend you until I die!

    Your biggest fan=]

  3. steve

    we miss u and wish u never went:p i love the way you did everything and will see when its my turn. peace

  4. N.MIRZA


  5. Chelsea

    Michael I love you and you are the best person i have known i have been a fan of yours since i was a baby and I know you are on a cloud singing in heaven I miss you See you in heaven

  6. Declared Insane

    Very interesting facts. By sufferers of the same phobia we recognize the symptoms, MJ suffered from loveshyness. Sufferers often revert to fantasy or excessive daydreaming. They have a damaged childhood and often love children & animals who give unconditional love. They love art in any form and often very talented at it because it’s an emotional expressive medium. They are often seen as weird and become reclusive, an outsider to society. Some are seen as homosexual due to their extreme shyness and don’t easily speak to the opposite gender. Interestingly, they often change personas when at the work or their career because it’s essential to survival. The shyness simply dissolves when they at work. They are usually attracted to powerful, stylish, sophisticated, extremely beautiful women. they are deeply spiritual or religious. R.I.P MJ , you still believed even when you suffered in silence.

  7. N.MIRZA


  8. mary

    I like. Many Love MJ
    he is. Greatly Missed. a truly unique. Soul
    A great loss, We can all learn something from Michael’s Love. And compassion. SEE. YOU In heaven
    .with. much. Love. And admiration Mary _

  9. Mary

    Mj is truly a unique soul. His spirit is on a higher realm now. Spread your wings

    and fly dear Michael. Thank You for the Love.

  10. Mj Fanatic

    hey everybody! =) please – dont be said, michael gave us a lot, and did it soooo awesome… he was truly THE BEST .. and as a human being olso.. This is very cool site !!! please add Mj photos ! =)

    Michael, good luck to you my dear friend

  11. aTRA.S.S

    My name is Atra.
    I am an Iranian girl & one of MJJ’s fan too.
    so….I just wanna say thanks for writing his songs.
    it was awesome & too lovely.

  12. Emon_DIBello

    Mike, I know you we’re only trying to give the world something great. A gift of music. I know some people don’t see you the way I do, and it sickens me to think of the things you when on trial for. I never believed a bit of it. But some don’t listen to you anymore, but I want you to know that you, still today are the Most searched “Michael_”
    On YouTube. I wish you could’ve seen the age of 70.
    I commend you for wanting to perform MORE concerts at 50 years old. You may have thought “The world is growing out of Pop music.” But even in the 90’s, you were amazing. You didn’t mean for things to turn out like they did. I love you forever and always, my idol, my inspiration, my dream, and my king.
    Forever. Thank you for expressing yourself the way you did, and thank you for the gift you have the world. Of music, life, love, and talent.

  13. rihanna

    Micheal was an amazing singer I was best friends with Micheal. He is truly missed by everyone including his family and I.

  14. sherry

    Miachel I alaways enjoyed him, but after his passing I fell in love with him. Not like the love of a man and a woman, more like a close friend that after there deth you wished you could have been there to keep them from harm. I will always love you. V

  15. Regis .o. c

    Oh! Seniour Mj, my lov for u dare make me go solo in memory of ur great impact on earth, children of ”heal the world foundation” reverece u in all ramification u will live very long and direct our noble cours and steps . Indeed u ve’made this world a very better place to suburb. I lov ur lyf.

  16. Paris

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    If you have Facebook and want to have the best MJ Facebook page there is, like the fanpage ” Moonwalkerguide Michael Jackson”

    Youll see MJ ‘s rarest pics ever, stuff you never seen before and you ll be suprised what they have in store for you in the future!

    Sign up, its for free and a must for every MJ Fan!

  17. Mary

    I believe God sent this beautiful soul, to earth to spread LOVE and compassion in a simple way humans could understand in modern times through Michael’s music lyrics and creative talents. His message is very clear LOVE for planet earth and all inhabitants. Thank you Michael for the LOVE. Shine on dear soul may you be at peace. Spread your wings and fly. With much LOVE and admiration Mary

  18. micheal jackson fan r.i.p

    poor micheal Jackson hope the lord could of let u stay with us a lil bit longer we love u so much well hope the lord will love u forever and ever r.i.p in heavin im only 8 but u will be in my heart forever

  19. Ms.jones-328love

    This is his favorite fan and I think that I mainly and really know much more about Michael Jackson then anyone of y’all other fans that thinks that y’all known him

  20. Mj's princess

    Michael I will always love you until I die and I’m glad to know that you are alive..
    I wish I could see you once in my life..

  21. Indiana

    there is so much I’d want to say to you, but even those words can’t fully express the deepast love and compassion I feel for you. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. You’ve made me appreciate the little things most people take for granted. You’ve made me realise there needs to be more love out there. It’s still very difficult for me to come to terms with your passing, at times I feel it’s too much, but what calms me down is that you are no longer suffering or in pain. God took back His most Precious Angel and is dancing in heaven watching over us.
    Be blessed Michael. Forever King Of Pop, Rock and Soul. Love you always and foreverr.

  22. michelle

    i was truly inspirided by michael i love everything about him his smile the way he talks and do things there is just something about that i cant like when he smile it drives me crazy by the way you michael

  23. melanie

    Just watching MJ on TV in the run up to what would have been his show. What a lovely respectful man he comes across as. All those people to have worked with and hwo stressful that could have been. Yet always a lovely even tempered man. Always kind and respectful to others and to God too. Amazing man. RIP MJ

  24. tammana

    You are the greatest gift of god we will love u forver dear you are always in our heart michael love u

  25. Sally

    oh, MIchael, I Miss you so much. YOu are simply the best, no one can match you. !’m happy that you are loved so much, it surpasses and overcomes the negative thoughts some people have about you. !’ve made drawings as a tribute to you, and ! feel connected to you, because you loved art too :). Always and forever will love you, for your artistry and more so, your lovable and humble character. God has always been your defender and He’ll always will be. As your fans we will be loyal to you.

  26. Nancy

    I love you so much,MJ,Thank you for who you were,your big heart,your kindness,your love,your purity,you are my hero,mentor and guardian angel. Sleep well,my love

  27. jaqueline

    I love u Michael Jackson king of pop and I’m especially excited about the new album xscape coming out in May 13 of next month and I’m definitely going to buy it and listen to it over and over again because I know I’m going to enjoy the songs on the album as well as the song xscape because I love that song and also I would like to say is that is there videos for the album xscape because I want to get them to also I’m getting off subject now but anyway I love u Michael Jackson king of pop u r my favorite artists in the world and I might come see the childhood house where u used to live in mikey and neverland to.

  28. chybie

    I loveeee you Michael ,,
    No one can higher or the same as you ,,
    I miss you so much

  29. Tx

    I wish I could meet MJ once when he was alive. I cannot describe how much has lost after his untimely passing. People usually are so unkind and mean, they could not understand the goodness like MJ had. I know he was a God’ gift on this earth. He was no ordinary human being. Withouts God’ help no one create such beautiful music like MJ did. I am really sad that there will be no such music. No can ever fill this gap. I wish could meet him when he was alive.

  30. naomi

    I know michael must be singing his heart out in the heavens right now. RIP, may you find lots of love up there, MJ!!

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