THIS IS IT will premiere in a few hours…then we will see magic again

The THIS IS IT movie wil be shown in cimema’s worldwide only a few  hours from now.Fans around the world will get a glimpse of what Michael Jackson would have put on stage in the O2 theater in London .

It is merely a glimpse , because you can not compare a rehearsal with the real thing .Special suites were created for MJ by famous designers , some of them were not finished when MJ passed away and he never saw those suits. Of course he didnt wear them on the rehearsals, but never the less MJ always looked like a royalty .

Michael seemed to be very fit and fresh during the rehearsals , his voice was stil phenomenal so did his dance. He put a stamp on the whole organisation , what MJ wanted would happen. he wanted to knock his fans out of their seats , create something new, something unexpected…

We can’t wait to see Michael in THIS IS IT , we expect the best of him .

1 thought on “THIS IS IT will premiere in a few hours…then we will see magic again

  1. Dianaboucaud

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