Michael Jackson number One!

mjThis is my first post for Michael Jackson. I  would like all you readers not to believe everything written about Michael Jackson . He is the one artist over whom there is written so much false things. This to me is disgusting!

I have been a Michael jackson fan all my life and I have to say , it  sounds strange , it’s like I knew him. After I have read the  autobiography Moonwalk, everything wat I thought about him made sense. Michael is absolutely an sensitive soul. The media have hurt Michael so much , it is not normal. So please don’t believe the things you read about Michael jackson . The media wants to make money out of him. Untill this day , Michael died on 25th june 2009, they tell lies to sell…

Out of respect for The King , the Legend , please don’t take everything you read for true …

On this site I only want to write about true things, and I will try my best to do this. I would like to say to you Michael , this site is dedicated to you and I love you forever … because you are in my heart !

Michael Jackson Neverland

Tirza Joemman and Orchida Bachnoe at Michael Jackson’s former residence Neverland , Los Olivos . july 2009

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  1. Ana de jackson

    te amoooooooo mi rey del pop con todo mi ser eres la estrella mas brillante el mundo my niño

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