Michael Jackson favourite movie?

michael_jackson_etMichael’s Favorite movie ever was the movie E.T. , he wrote this himself in his book Moonwalk. He liked the movie E.T. so much he decided to work together with Steven Spielberg on the E.T. children story book.


Michael related to odd looking creature E.T. , who came from space. E.T. was weird looking but the strange creature from space would melt your heart when he looked to  the camera with his big eyes ad spoke the word’s “ET phone home” . Steven Spielberg said ” If  ET would exist he would come to Michael “. Michael was very happy when he “met ” the little alien and there’s where the famous shot with his favourite star came from…


10 thoughts on “Michael Jackson favourite movie?

  1. Dzenita

    Mj was very handsome and quite cute :)!!

    Rip handsome mj i love you more n i miss u so, so very much please believe that i do cuz it’s so true, i wish u peace, happiness, bliss and even more goodness <3 xoxoxo!!!!!

  2. SashaPanda

    Awh Michael! Lol!

    I can totally see why Michael loved ET!
    I love ET, he looks so cute!
    Especially when he dressed as a girl! Rotfl!

    I miss you Michael!
    Have fun Moonwalking In the clouds!

  3. kayla

    E.T issss a greatt moviee , i also can see why michael lovess it!i love you forever michael<3

  4. Mya Nekol

    I have’nt actually seen that movie. I’ll watch it with my baby sister one day. *smiles*

    Yeah, Michael did a track for E.T. Um, Someone in the Dark. Wonderful song.

  5. Kavita

    Michael was too adoreable… looks like heaven’s got another beautifil angel… I bet he’s got everyone up there singing and dancing and asking him how to moonwalk, lol. God bless, you MJ… looooove, looooovvvveee looooovvveee you.

  6. Spielberg

    Spielberg is a fantastic film maker and all likes his movies. Micheal Jackson isn’t a exception 🙂

  7. prerna

    I think the close encounters of the third kind was also one of his favorite movies. he’s written it in his autobiography how he loved that movie but latoya never did.

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