15 thoughts on “mj

  1. ashley

    Michael… was the walkiin’ angell…!!!!!! && moonwalkiin 1 toooo..!!!! 😉

    i love u michael sooooo muchhhh

  2. zah_michael

    michael,, i love you so much! I want to give you some kiss, but i can’t ! I’m wait u in my dreams tonight!
    Love you so much,

  3. zah_michael

    mike, i want to tell you, i love u so much, i love u more from myself. People say i’m not okay ’cause i love u, mike. Oh, everybody, please tell me, do u think i’m crazy? Just because i love michael ’till now? Make stories with MJ name and songs, collect MJ photo & song, & learn to dance like MJ! Please give me the answer!
    R.I.P Michael Jackson

  4. laura

    Michael is a sweety
    I love him from the bottom of my heart and always will
    His death is the worst thing that ever happened to me. My heart was broken but i know his music will live forever♥ He is the King of Pop I love him….michael you are my life I hope I can meet you when i get to heaven

    Love Lives Forever


  5. Michael is my life

    If it wasn’t for you Michael I don’t know how I would be here right now. You taught me that there is always a way to get by without pain. You taught me that life is actually worth living. You are my idol, the love of my life, guider, and the only person that I can trust and believe. I hope that one day we can in Heaven. I love and miss you more than anything in the entire universe. R.I.P my love.

  6. Annabelle Benoit

    I love michael and his children so much I just wish he could be here for them .god bless the three of them and watch over them love to prince1 Paris prince2 aka blanket always thinking about all of you and your dad big fan fore ever fr Annabelle Benoit fr Newfoundland and labrador .god bless all of you

  7. we love mj

    we love you king of pop. we will always love you and miss you. btw nice picture of mj. we will never forget you mj. we are your bestest fans. R I P MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON !

  8. dianneboucaud

    dare michael jackson if world would understand how much this mean fore them to see you on youtube videos alive please request fan like myself to let unbelivers know that you are alive

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