Shopping with Michael!

michael jackson shopping

Michael Jackson loved to shop , he likes art very much and he loved antique furniture. Especially he liked furniture with a royal spin to it with a touch of barok style. he liked stuff that were rare and when he really loved something he didnt asked for the price. Michael enjoys shopping very much. Of course as a public figure he could do this much in public, that’s why he liked to disguise himself with strange outfits and masks. But somebody always recognized MJ even if he was disguised from head till toe. So he often went shopping and the malls would close just to let Michael shop. He shopped in Harrods once and a friend of him at 1 point closed a supermarket for him and invited mj’s friends and relatives to figure as normal people walking around in this supermarket to give MJ that normal feeling , the feeling that he was like any other ordinary man shopping in the supermarket; just watch and see, it’s funny!

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