Michael Jackson’s body finally put to rest

michael jackson burrialMichael Jackson ‘s remains were laid to rest at Forest Lawn cemetry in Los Angeles on the 3th of september 2009.

His family held  a private ceremony with some of Michael’s friends like Elizabeth Taylor , Macauley Culkin and Quincy Jones. His children put a crown on the casket of their beloved father. Later they were allowed to put some personal notes in the casket . Michael ‘s famous sequined glove was put aside with him .

Michael’s brothers were pallbearers just like the day of the MJ’s memorial in the Staples Centre. Michael’s dancers , who were supposed to perform with him on the THIS IS IT tour , were present and wore the MJ like outfits , they helped the family out of their cars upon arrival at Forest Lawn.


The service took place in open air near the great mausoleum. His body will be put in the mausoleum , a place with high level of security .


Fans and press were kept away from the ceremony by the security . Was this the ceremony Michael Jackson would have wanted? We never know for sure , because Michael didn’t put this on paper. Why should he , Mj never thought he would pass away so soon . Some fans are sad that they couldn’t be part of the ceremony or that they could not watch the full ceremony , as the jackson family decided not to do this. others are content and say that Michael’s mother was the one to decide for Michael , because this was her baby ,she wanted to take care for her baby for the last time, and her baby got hurt by the press …therefore wanted a quiet ceremony .  This maybe true as it is , but the fans of Michael Jackson really love him  and should not be ignored .. as Michael would never let his fans down , he loves them more…

michael jackson family burrial

7 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s body finally put to rest

  1. Ida Soto

    My condolences really go out to the KINGS entire family. I grew up listening to Michael and feel in love with him. I even named my son Michael. I feel his mother was the only one that should have any say anything. The press did hurt him in so many ways. And in their own little way they try to continue. So yes it was right to have a special ceremony with no press. And as a long time fan of the KING I am happy that the family did this way. So any true fan out there should feel the same way. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON YOU ARE GONE BUT YOUR SPIRIT, SOUL AND MUSIC WILL NEVER BE GONE.

  2. Kailey

    I love you, Michael. I believe a quiet funeral was best, like Ida said, it was his mom’s choice, and I’m sure Michael would have been happy about that, seeing how he loved his mom dearly. Funny, we I grow up, I was going to name my kid Michael. If I had a girl, I’d name her Madonna. 🙂 I still grieve for Michael, but, hey, let’s get to the point. . . He is happy now! Pain free, drug free, rumor free. He is a happy, joyful free spirit. Flying high about the clouds, over the moon, near mountains and rivers. Michael deserves the best now. He is with the enteral vision of god. And all his friends and fans and family that have died, but have known Michael in their time. Princess Diana, for example. So you see? It’s ok to greive, but Michael is happy as can be.

  3. c_ikan

    I cant stop talking about him. he IS the King of Pop. I cant wait for that concert tribute in london and his movie. I love Michael Jackson! He’s my inspiration!

  4. nicholas roper

    i am so happy that michael body has been laid to rest even after all of the consperency that has been going on lately due to the case againt comrad murray and he is now serving time due to what happened. michael is in a safer and better place now in with god in heaven. MICHAEL WE LOVE YOU AND WE MISS YOU SO MUCH. RIP THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER WHO EVER LIVED. GOD BLESS YOU AND WE MISS YOU. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE KING OF POP AND MUSIC.ALL YOUR FAN AND FAMILY AND FRIEND WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU .RIP 🙂

  5. Paris

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  6. Maddy

    I was only 10 when MJ died. My parents brought me up listening to his music. I cried for 3 days after he died. My life just hasn’t been the same. Though its been nearly 4 years since he died, I cry every time I hear something about him or hear a song of his. I will forever miss him and he will forever be in my heart. No one can make me forget Michael or his brilliance. When I die, hopefully in many decades, I will go to heaven and see Michael again, an hear him sing, forever in eternity.

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