Fans go crazy for Michael Jackson

mj and chinese fan
MJ fans can understand each other when it comes to Jackson mania, they can share the same feelings they have for Michael.

Michael loves his fans even more, he treats his  fans with utmost respect and care, when MJ turned 50 he sent pizza’s for his fans who were waiting in front of his home in Las Vegas. That’s the kind of person Michael Jackson is , very down to earth and lovable! He is a cutie pie !

When a real fan meets Michael , he or she wil be in heaven , just watch the following videos of Michael and his fans!

Any fan that is lucky enough to have met Michael Jackson will know how friendly he is. His music appeals to so many different people, both young and old – from those who love to go to his live concerts, to others who prefer to listen to his songs at home or doing household chores. Yet Michael treats them all equally, and makes time for everyone that he meets, regardless of their age or background!

Michael Jackson fans often seem hysterical when they meet him, but anyone can understand what an amazing experience it is to meet the King Of Pop! Their tears are always those of happiness at having been able to meet their idol. Even though MJ is an international superstar, he is still so considerate of all the dedicated fans of his music

9 thoughts on “Fans go crazy for Michael Jackson

  1. Moonwalkerka

    J! That girl is crazy! xD He wanted to see animals and she was disturbing him! Hehe ;D
    But he is a real gentelman 🙂

  2. KikinhaMJlover

    Hi there! Great video!!! It’s so…cute!
    Michael was so kind with that fan, he even gave her a autograph!! Michael was a great person, a great musician!! The fan was disturbing him, because he wanted to walk, but he was a gentleman and gave her a hug too! He understood the fragility of the people, and his fans, because he was a fragile person too!

    I love him!!

  3. Silver

    Wish i could meet him and spend a whole day with him. We wouldnt stop talking. Hmm no, he wouldnt stop talking and id just be speechless looking at him all of the way. Words are gone somewhere. Heaven is where we are.

  4. cherry

    that was so sweet michael is such a kind person.i wish i would have got to meet him!that is so lucky i would have cried to.michael is such a sweetheart and we all love him to u michael with all my heart!!!!!!

  5. mike rap

    Mj is everything for me whe i heard that mj was gone i started to cry .but he was now still in my heart .i never get chance to him coz i m indian and belong to poor family. But i wish in other life i will met him. R.I.P. __mj

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