MJ’s Magical Dance…

Michael Jackson DanceWhen Michael is on stage , he litterly explodes from it.  If Michael is on stage everybody in the audience is in trance . Never has there been an artist who dances like Michael jackson.

When Michael does the moonwalk , it’s like you see magic dance.  Michael admits he got the Moonwalk from kids on the street and then he adhenced it. Through the years Michael perfected the Moonwalk untill it couldn ‘t be any better . Michael wrote a book, Dancing the Dream, with poems, one of those poems is reffering to his dance.

Michael wrote that he allows himself to go with the music as if he is in a river and then goes with the flow. He has said in the Oprah intervieuw that the music compells him to dance a certain way.  There is a force at that moment , he calls it God.

Close friends who knew Michael Jackson were always suprised how he could do this magic on stage , because off-stage Michael is very quiet and often a shy fellow. When the man steps on stage , the music starts playing , he turns into a total dance genius who is anything but shy.

Michael said that when he watches himself on video he thinks ” Did I just do that?”. He really is in trance on stage , in trance by the magic of the music .

Of course Michael did a lot of practice by rehearsing a lot of dance steps, especially when he dances with background dancers, but mostly he improviced. Again, he lets the music decide how to move on stage.

We are happy to have so much MJ material to watch, because we as fans always want to see MJ dance.

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