MJ and his early days

Michael Jackson was so special that his parents started to realize this when he was still in diapers, he joined his brothers in their band at the age of eight . Michael was the best one amongst the brothers. Later when the band was contracted by recordlabel Motown , not only Berry Gordy was blown away by Michael , for he knew that this little fellow was a golden child, the whole world was blown away. As the years would pass by this fact would  even get bigger, Michael would get better every year. People tought Michael was a little midget , or they called him that , because he had so much soul for a child; he was a old soul wrapped in a little body.

He couldn’t play like any other kid his age, he had to practice, go from one studio to the other . Michael’s only thing back in the days was work. Even though it was hard on little Michael Jackson he was a very bubbly sweet child. This child inside Michael never died. The child is still alive.

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