Michael Jackson really has vitilligo

So many crap was written abou t MJ , especially the rumour and the bad jokes about his skin. The press wrote that MJ wanted to look white , when in fact MJ told the world in intervieuws that he was proud to be a black man.

Let’s just asume if it’s true , which is absolutely ridiculous, why would he make himself as white as milk, not white with a cute tan? Because the colour of vitilligo is porcelyn white ; nobody in the world would want that colour . But if you cant help it and your skin disorder gives you this colour , what ‘s one suppose to do? You just can use make up and try to even out your skin , because there is no real cure for this disease. It even can cause skin cancer.

This lie absolutely devistated MJ , so here’s some proof in the following video:

Please believe MJ , it’s all he wanted.

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