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Michael Jackson movie?

mj spy hat michaeljacksonmoonIt has been reported that probaly Sony pictures will make an Michael jackson movie with the more than 80 hours film footage of the rehearsals right before MJ died.  The rehearsals were filmed bij AEG promotors Of  Michael’s “This is It Tour”.

According the planning , according to Philips , the following: Michael would have released a 3d Thriller and lots of new musical material.

Sony is willing to pay more than 50 million dollars for the rights of these rehearsal material and also for the thriller idea.

We are anxious to know when this movie will come out , according to Kenny Ortega who filmed the rehearsals the movie will come out before the end of this year. This is a smart move as Christmas falls in this period.

For the time being we have lots of MJ stuff to watch including the sample of  “this is it ” rehearsal!

Watch and enjoy!

Michael Jackson favourite movie?

michael_jackson_etMichael’s Favorite movie ever was the movie E.T. , he wrote this himself in his book Moonwalk. He liked the movie E.T. so much he decided to work together with Steven Spielberg on the E.T. children story book.


Michael related to odd looking creature E.T. , who came from space. E.T. was weird looking but the strange creature from space would melt your heart when he looked to  the camera with his big eyes ad spoke the word’s “ET phone home” . Steven Spielberg said ” If  ET would exist he would come to Michael “. Michael was very happy when he “met ” the little alien and there’s where the famous shot with his favourite star came from…


Michael Jackson number One!

mjThis is my first post for Michael Jackson. I  would like all you readers not to believe everything written about Michael Jackson . He is the one artist over whom there is written so much false things. This to me is disgusting!

I have been a Michael jackson fan all my life and I have to say , it  sounds strange , it’s like I knew him. After I have read the  autobiography Moonwalk, everything wat I thought about him made sense. Michael is absolutely an sensitive soul. The media have hurt Michael so much , it is not normal. So please don’t believe the things you read about Michael jackson . The media wants to make money out of him. Untill this day , Michael died on 25th june 2009, they tell lies to sell…

Out of respect for The King , the Legend , please don’t take everything you read for true …

On this site I only want to write about true things, and I will try my best to do this. I would like to say to you Michael , this site is dedicated to you and I love you forever … because you are in my heart !

Michael Jackson Neverland

Tirza Joemman and Orchida Bachnoe at Michael Jackson’s former residence Neverland , Los Olivos . july 2009