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At the sudden death of Michael Jackson

death michael jacksonAt the sudden death of Michael Jackson.

There were vultures,

their claws left scars on your heart..

There were hyenas, their hungry jaws wide open,

ready to tear your heart apart.

And there was also death,

looming in the dark of the morning.

You moondanced hyenas and vultures,

left them all confused.

You couldn’t moondance death,

but your songs did.

Copyright Walter Palm

michael jacckson at court

Michael jackson didnt like touring, he loved being on stage though

michael jackson sleeping
Michael didnt like to tour. The record company’s always wanted Mike to tour after he made a new album. This was merely for promoting the new album and make it to sell more. But Mike didnt liked it. He spoke in his own words that he couldnt sleep after an show, the adrenaline would flow through his body like speed lightning. He would have jet legs as well because he flew from one country after the other and he actually could never rest between concerts. The crowd would just flock to see Michael at his hotel or if he visits stores. But he did mentioned that once he was on stage he loved it so much he would forget his tireness and everything, once he was on stage he lived and was enchanted by the audience and the audience by Michael jackson .

Suleman Mirza, a lawyer at day , MJ at night

Of course there are like thousands of people in this world who imitate their idol Michael Jackson. But only some of them succeed to do this , of course it’s difficult to imtate The King , but Suleman Mirza , a lawyer in England imitated Michael since he was a Child. One day he decided to be upon the Britain has got Talent show ands this was an succes, the crowd when wild. He was such an succes he made the Oprah show!

Michael Jackson having FUN !

Michael loves to joke and play around, throw water balloons from balcony’s, playing with supersoaker waterguns, making fun of people. That people, is the real Michael Jackson . He couldnt do these things often enough as a child, as why he does it as an adult . But everybody has a child in them , everybody likes to have fun , so actually it’s pretty normal!

King of Pop thrilled about the coming “Michael Jackson Opus”

michael jackson red blouse‘We must do this,’ was Michael Jackson’s comment when he learned about the plans for a revolutionary new book about his life. The name of this book? The Michael Jackson Opus!

It will contain new and handwritten lyrics, drawings and pictures from the King of Pop’s personal archives. There are photo’s from rehearsals for some of his pop videos that have not been made public before. The Opus will also include one of his favourite performance photographs, taken during his Bad tour in Minneapolis in 1988.

What makes the book even more special is a special feature called “augmented reality”, with which a computer and webcam can be used to show 3D images emerging from the pages. The King of Pop was really excited about it and thought it was grand on a scale he had never seen before.

The Opus books are usually limited editions, but this one will have an unlimited run until a certain date. The Michael Jackson Opus will be handbound in leather in a silk clamshell case.