mj smiles

mj smiles

4 Responses to “mj smiles”

  • zah_michael says:

    oh, the greatest smile on earth! No one has smile like u, mike! Oh, my god, his smile, make me want to scream! His song, make me want to kill my self. ’cause i want to see him again!
    And have u seen my live without him?
    Mike, i miss u so…….

  • Ronit says:

    I love very much MJ….

  • AiJEREN says:

    MJ’s smile is magical.i’d never use were cause he’s always alive in my heart
    keep smiling Miky we love u all
    The one & only Michael Jackson

  • جیم.جیم. says:

    Michael Was A Sweet man wasnt he?!

    Actually, He Still Is! :)

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