Poem by MJ :Magical Child

dancing the dreamMagical Child

Once there was a child and he was free
Deep inside, he felt the laughter
The mirth and play of nature’s glee
Beauty, love was all he’d see

He knew his power was the power of God
He was so sure, they considered him odd
This power of innocence, of compassion, of light
Threatened the priests and created a fight
In endless ways they sought to dismantle
This mysteroius force which they could not handle

In endless ways they tried to destroy
His simple trust, his boundless joy
His invincible armor was a shield of bliss
Nothing could touch it, no venom, no hiss

The child remained in a state of grace
He wasn’t confined in time or place
In Technicolor dreams, he frolicked and played
While acting his part, in Eternity he stayed

Soothsayers came and fortunes were told
Some were vehement, others were bold
In denouncing this child, this perplexing creature
With the rest of the world he shared no feature
IS he real?He is so strange
His unpredictable nature knows no range
He puzzles us so, is he straight?
What’s his destiny?What’s his fate?

And while they whispered and conspired
Through endless rumors to get him tired
To kill his wonder, trample him near
Burn his courage, fuel his fear
The child remained just simpel, sincere

All he wanted was the mountain high
Color the clouds, paint the sky
Beyond these boundaries, he wanted to fly
In nature’s scheme, never to die

Don’t stop this child, he’s the father of man
Don’t cross his way, he’s part of the plan
I am that child, but so are you
You’ve just forgotten, just lost the clue

Inside your heart sits a Seer
Between his thoughts, he can hear
A melody simple but wondrously clear
The music of life, so precious, so dear

If you could for one moment know
This spark of creation, this exquisite glow
You would come and dance with me
Kindle this fire so we could see
All the children of the Earth
Wave their magic and give new birth
To a world of freedom with no pain
A world of joy, much more sane

Deep inside, you know it’s true
Just find that child, it’s hiding in you.

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23 thoughts on “Poem by MJ :Magical Child

  1. Julee sant

    Heart touching Poem

    I Love this and Love to appreciate for this beautiful words and thoughts

    Michael you r simply the love and we love u most
    Missing u alot


  2. Serena

    Leiffe michael,
    I Love You Soooooo Muth.
    I miss you every day!
    Come back!:'(

    Xxx I LoveYou

  3. Liz Richards

    Never saw him in live concert..never met him(alas! no perfect universe,this), but miss him all the same. I light my candle 1st thing every a.m., & wear a red & black ribbon for him. My “M.J. Opus” book helps t/ hurt. Now that he’s in his Heaven, he (w/ Mr. Rogers & Bob Keeshan ) helps usher in all the children who come to t/ gate. And….now he can fly, to his hearts’ content.
    “Now cracks a noble heart.
    Good night, sweet prince,
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

    Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 2

  4. Kimberly Aganon

    I lov Michael Jackson so much and he lov his childern so much and he lov his fans too !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ines costa

    Lovely! Ive been looking for this.
    MJ is the BEST everrr. iloveyousomuch Michael!

  6. Kat Snider-Jackson

    I love this poem. It is so touching and describes the man who wrote it himself! I know that that child is hiding in me. I want to find her. Thank yhu so much Michael for putting this truth in our minds. We all love yhu so much and forever, Kat

  7. Diane

    Wat an inspiring and amazing poem.and the man god of music and dance.he is amazing,hats of to you.rip dear mike. My heart always goes out to u and ur childrens

  8. Josephine

    Michael, You have been a part of me and my music for my entire life. It is only now that I am seeing how the media persecuted you and how humbly you recieved it. The poem is revealing of both your perspective and wisdom…You were just too special for the world to even understand you or believe you were real!!

  9. rosy

    there will never be anyone to take your place,what an amazing man,the world is a sorrier place without you,always humble kind and giving,i wish i could have met you.

  10. rosy

    what an amazing man, what more can I say,Im speechless no one will ever take his place in the world,the man was so talented,humble and giving of his time ,his energy, his love and his money.Lessons should be learned,someone like MJ should be treasured not only by his millions of fans.

  11. diana

    His favourite color is yellow not red and black just because he wore those colors often doesn’t mean they are his favourite color.

  12. Paris

    Check out the new fanpage on facebook

    ” moonwalkerguide michael jackson”

    You ll love it! It contains rare MJ pics, things you never saw before, fascinating!

  13. rifa dzivhani jackson

    michael jackson lives on in our hearts. michael inspires me in everyway.i like theway he used his words on this beatiful poem.he was simply a phenom(unusually gifted) .this is it!

  14. Mrsjackson1

    I miss him so much that im cryin now beautiful peom. I even still pretend that he’s still here.

  15. Dianaboucaud

    Good moonwalker hi I was wondering if this email. Is free fans cross world to text u on this site form I tried to log on Facebook it looks like you are really working on another sites list Facebook sites as well. I am hug fan just stopping buy to say hello my name is keyy

  16. evelyn

    I love him so much he is such a humble person no one today is like him I wish he was still here we sure need him in our lives I Love You Michael Forever and Always

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